Why Hargreaves Jones

We are focused and driven in our approach with a blend of highly experienced, fee-earning Directors managing core teams of skilled Commercial and Project Services Professionals. In the 15 years since the company was incorporated, we have achieved an enviable track record for success. This will be sustained through our business plans for further, manageable growth based upon the retention of our existing workforce combined with the recruitment of equally skilled and ambitious additional staff. Privately owned, our company has long term plans for growth, as opposed to short term goals.

  • Incorporated on the 4th of January 2006, the Business has grown by an average 29% in revenue year on year, which included a number of years of serious global recession. Our plans for manageable growth and expansion look ahead to 2021, with plans in the coming years for an expansion of our Manchester office and further establishment and growth of our office in the South of England in 2021.
  • The way that our Company works is not the same as other Consultancies. The Directors are, and will remain, the principle fee earners in our business. Not only does this demonstrate a strong and effective leadership from the front, but also provides a rare opportunity to our employees for Director-led mentoring and senior accountability. It is this client focused model that has proven so successful in securing repeat business and drawing us to the attention of new clients.
  • We work with some of the biggest companies in the Oil, Gas, Utilities, Commercial and FMCG industries. In turn, our blue chip client base provides us with an impressive portfolio of interesting and high profile work.
  • We like to ‘punch above our weight'.  Our commitment to quality above all else has seen us listed as one of the Top 50 QS Firms in the UK in 2015.
  • We are committed to growth and sustainability. As a company we know that the only way to grow old is to recruit young, and as such are committed to the recruitment of a number of graduates per year. In our selection of more senior staff we can afford to be highly selective, and we feel that we ‘get it right’ far more often than we get it wrong when it comes to the high calibre of professionals we welcome to Hargreaves Jones each year.
  • All of our employees enjoy a very competitive salary and benefit packages, with further rewards for top performers and clear, interesting and lucrative career opportunities.